and bob's your uncle

I’m really excited about the Super Bowl on Sunday. Not ready to give my prediction just yet, but i think the outcome will surprise alot of people. More on that tomorrow…

Pound for Pound there’s no better kids movie out there right now for adult laughs than “The Cat in the Hat”. Mike Myers is brilliant. These are the things you know when you have toddlers. Believe me, Finding Nemo might have been a visual masterpiece, but it’s not nearly half as good the 50th time as Monsters Inc is. It’s kinda like leftovers. That filet mignon might taste better right out of the oven than that Baked Ziti, but warmed up in the microwave two days later I’d go ziti any day.

I’m happy for snaps. They are making a nice little comeback run. Sure, they’ll never surpass the button or the zipper as the fastener of choice, but it’s good to see them get some props with the 70s/80s retro shirts you can buy these days. And speaking of fasteners, is there anyone out there who likes button-fly jeans? I tried on a pair once in a Gap dressing room back in 2001 and took an oath right there on the spot to never touch a pair again. When you gotta go, you gotta go. The last thing you need is to fumble with 5 large buttons in order to get your pants off. While they’re at it why don’t they just put combination locks on toilet seats? Whoever invented the button-fly jean had a bladder problem. He wants you to pee your pants.

unconventional math:

(the # of people who regularly watch “Becker”)


(the # of people who regularly watch “Alias”)


(the # of people who regularly watch “Alias”)

more unconventional math:

(the # of times FOX shows a close-up of T.O.’s ankle on sunday)


(the # of World Series Titles won by the Yankkes since 2001)



Of all the Adam Sandler movies out there, the one that i haven’t seen is Happy Gilmore. I hear it’s the best one, too. My buddy Rick just loaned it to me, so I hope to check it out soon.

that’s all for now…