the bowl of bowls

so much hype, so much talk, and come Sunday night everyone will have to shut up and play. I’ll probably watch about 20 minutes of pre-game total. And by “watch” i mean “have it on in the background while talking to my buddy Than about how there’s no chance the Pats can lose this game”. I don’t think it’s going to be close. I hope it is. I’d like to see a great game. But I’m betting on a yawner.

I think the only chance the Eagles have of winning is receiving the opening kickoff, putting points on the board, stopping the Pats first drive, and then putting more points on the board. Only one of those two scoring drives must be a touchdown. Give the Eagles a 10-0 or 14-0 lead and I still think it comes down to the wire, but i like the Eagles chances. Let’s not underestimate their defense.

But let’s not underestimate Tom Brady either. If you were building Mr. Clutch from various body parts of current athletes, you’d start with Schilling’s ankles, Vinatieri’s feet, and Brady’s arms. (Incidentally, if you were building Mr. Anti-clutch, Alex Rodriguez, Peyton Manning, and Chris Webber would be prominently involved). Brady has never lost a playoff game. Stick that in your blunt and smoke it. So unless the Pats get down early and start to get nervous, i don’t see them losing.

I predict a halftime score of 17-6 Pats and a final score of 34-16 Pats. enjoy the game…