This is NOT a Treasure Map

This is NOT a Treasure Map
Genre: Blogging/Social Media
Publication Year: 2013
The world needs the creative work that is inside you waiting to come out. It's time to put down the shovel and stop searching for some mythical creative treasure. It's time to create something amazing.
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Book Overview

Every day we see people around us succeeding in ways we wish we could. From publishing deals to sold out events to viral videos to lucrative product launches, we’re often left to wonder why WE aren’t the ones hitting it big with our creative work.

It’s enough to make you ask yourself…

…how is it that everyone else is finding treasure when all I do is dig up empty holes?

…when am I going to get lucky?

…how can I get a better treasure map?

If you’re asking yourself those questions, join the club. The good news? You NEVER have to ask them again.

In THIS IS NOT A TREASURE MAP, author/entrepreneur Bryan Allain exposes the Treasure Map mindset for the harmful farce that it is. You’ll discover…

+ The reason we cling to the Treasure Map Mindset despite how discouraging it is.

+ Why the success of others can oftentimes derail us.

+ The fatal flaws that expose the Treasure Map Mindset as untrue.

+ A better mindset to view the creative work you are doing.

+ What you can expect on the other side of the success you’ve been striving for.

The book is very short (about 2000 words), but in 15 minutes you’ll learn a concept that can have a paradigm-shifting effect on your creative work for the rest of your life.

The world needs the creative work that is inside you waiting to come out. It’s time to put down the shovel and start creating amazing things.

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