Monday Soup | 01.12.2015

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 4 ounces of giraffe butter…

+ I went 2-2 with my NFL picks this weekend but man, it was the best 2-2 you could ever have.

I picked the Pats to win by 6 and they won by 4. BOOM!

I told you the Panthers could score a late TD to cover down 31-13 and THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED! Well, it was 31-10 when they scored, but still, good job by me and I just missed the cover. (the line actually closed at -14.0, a push.)

I picked the Cowboys to lose by 3 and they lost by 5. BOOM!

And i was completely off on the Broncos game. NOT BOOM!

+ Speaking of the Cowboys game, I agree with Greg Bedard: a catch should be a catch.

+ This Pizza Studio chain sounds great. The Chipotle of the pizza world? I’m in.

+ Turning poop into potable water? Amazing technology.

+ The 2024 Olympics in Boston? Gordon Edes on why it’s a terrible idea.

+ I’m sure you’ve seen this already…but if you haven’t:

Have a great week everyone…