Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 3 ounces of lite maple syrup…it’s Monday Soup!

+ Got my copy of The Day the Angels Fell by Shawn Smucker last week and started reading it this weekend!

+ Whether you love football or not, fascinating article on Tom Brady by Gary Bishop at SI. The discipline and dedication to get better at an age when most athletes start accepting the inevitable decline is inspiring. 

+ Hey people who always complain that athletes makes WAY more than teachers and that it is very very wrong on every level…you might be interested to know that Grumpy Cat is worth about 100 Million dollars. A cat who frowns because of genetics. $100MM. Let that wash over you.

+ The #1 Question I get from people about FreeTravlr is them wondering if I have a terrible credit score. The answer: no. My FICO score is great…right around 800…because I know the five factors that make it up and I don’t abuse credit. Yes, I have over a dozen cards, but when used responsibly it’s also led to $9130.24 in savings since February 2013. If you’re interested in learning more get our Startr Guide for free and then shoot me questions if you have any.

+ I tried out the Dollar Shave Club a few months ago and I didn’t care for it. Great prices, but when it comes to shaving my face I am so used to Gillette’s products that I just couldn’t deal with the change. It wasn’t a bad shave, per se, it just felt different.

The good news: Erica loves the razors and so we’ve kept the subscription for her. $6/month to get 4 new blades delivered to your door. You can sign up here to try it for yourself.

+ Made it to the Finals in one of my Fantasy Leagues,  and am poised to get in in two more depending on how tonight goes. How did your fantasy football season go?

+ Pretty fascinated with the Sony Data Breach story…especially the rumors that the hack is coming from North Korea in retaliation for the movie “The Interview” that Sony is releasing on Christmas Day. (Speaking of which, the hackers are promising more leaks on the 25th.)

Have a great week everyone…