Basic Update 05

(this is a hidden post for members of The BASIC only. Please don’t share.)

March 16, 2014

I’ve got a longer update coming for you guys later this week. It’s about half-written, but I’m waiting on some info before I finish it (see item #3 below).

In the meantime, here are 2 quick things and 1 favor to ask.

1) A 5-Star Favor

I don’t know if you’ve listened to any of the 4 episodes of The SchnozCast yet, but so far halfway through March the show has already been downloaded over 500 times in March alone! My favorite episode is probably Episode 3 with John Crist as we talk about what it takes to make it in comedy, but they were all a lot of fun.

Feedback on the show so far across social media has been great, BUT no one has left an iTunes review for it yet!

Pretty sure if y’all – my beloved members of the BASIC – all left a 5-Star review, that I could show up on the iTunes “New and Noteworthy” section, which would be a huge help in getting more folks into what I’m doing. Would you consider helping me with that?

(a friend of mine just got his podcast listed in the New and Noteworthy section and I know he has less downloads than me. BUT, he has over a dozen 5-Star reviews. That’s why I’d love for you to help with this.)

Just go to The SchnozCast in iTunes and click the “Write a Review” button. Everyone who leaves a review this week will get a shoutout in an upcoming episode of the podcast. (Bonus points if your review is funny or creative…just please make it five stars.)

Thanks for considering doing this, it would really mean a lot.

2) I’m doing a 30-minute comedy show!

…and it’s happening in 6 days. YIKES.

I’ll tell you more about it this week, but needless to say I am a little bit nervous, but mostly excited about the opportunity.

Yes, I will be recording it. And yes, you guys will have access to some or all of the footage that most people won’t have access to.

3) I might be losing my main client

I’ve written about CrowdScribed here before and I suppose the latest happenings are par for the course in the start-up world, though that doesn’t make them any easier to navigate.

I’ll spare you the details and get to the bottom line: there’s a good chance that March will be my last month working for them. (This was totally out of the blue and was not related to my performance at all as far as I’ve been told…strictly a resources issue.)

I haven’t received official word yet, so I’m sort of waiting for that before I steam ahead, but this is a HUGE curveball for me in terms of generating income this year. It’s almost like getting fired with very little notice as I was expecting to be working for them all year.

I’ll save the rest of my thoughts on it for later in the week when I (hopefully) have more info.

In the meantime, can you go write up a 1-2 sentence 5-Star review on iTunes for The SchnozCast? Here’s the link: The SchnozCast on iTunes.

Hope you all are having a good weekend, let me know if there’s anything I can help with or if this update helped you out at all. Thanks so much for reading and being a part of this journey. More coming soon…