Win a Copy of One Question by Ken Coleman

My buddy Ken Coleman’s new book, One Question, releases today!

I’ve mentioned Ken on the blog before as I’ve been on his radio show a few times (you can listen to us doing Super Bowl trivia here). He’s a great interviewer, talented host, and really funny guy. So excited that his book is hitting shelves today!

The idea behind One Question is this: If you could sit down with the people you most admire and ask just one question, what would you ask?

For instance…

• What is Coach Tony Dungy’s advice for achieving success while maintaining integrity?

• What advice does Malcolm Gladwell give parents about instilling a work ethic in our children?

• How does President Jimmy Carter suggest we continue moving forward and reinvent ourselves in new seasons?

• What does Robin McGraw have to say to women about reaching their full potential both inside and outside their homes?

As you can see, the book features some great people, and has some legit endorsements as well!

“Ken Coleman has a gift of asking the questions we should all be asking. One Question gets to the heart of the most important issues in our lives and taps into the wisdom of today’s most admired achievers.”  – Mark Burnett, Creator of The Voice, Survivor, & The Apprentice

“The simplicity of a singular question can hold great power to inform and inspire. Ken Coleman has asked great questions throughout his career.  He is as good an interviewer as there is in this country. In one question he gives us invaluable answers to the questions we all ask.” – Mike Krzyzewski, Head Coach Duke Men’s Basketball

I asked Ken if we could give away a copy of his book and he was cool with it, so in honor of the idea behind One Question, here’s how we are going to do it.

Ken and I at the Ken Coleman Show

Just answer the following question and you’ll be eligible to win a copy of the book.

If you could sit down with any person (alive today) and pick their brain, who would you choose? (and if you want, tell us what your first question would be).

We’ll choose a 1 winner at random on Wednesday (tomorrow).

In the meantime, check out more about One Question here.

Oh, and if you haven’t already, make sure you follow Ken on twitter. He’s at @kencoleman.

21 thoughts on “Win a Copy of One Question by Ken Coleman”

  1. Barack Obama. (I’ll confess that I didn’t vote for him, but I’d love to sit down with him anyway.) I’d ask him to describe his faith and how it has impacted his life so far.

        1. That’s cool Ernie. I regret I didn’t take the opportunity to visit his church back in the day when he was still in Grand Rapids. Would have been interesting to see his style and the atmosphere of the church.

          1. My wife and I made the trip to Grand Rapids a couple years ago hoping to hear Rob speak. He gave a quick 5 minutes on ‘why we worship’ and then the David Crowder Band played for the next hour. His 5 minute talk will stick with my forever. He’s such a gifted communicator.

  2. Joni Eareckson Tada. I would love to just sit & glean from a woman who has faced unbelievable obstacles but never let them get in the way of what God has called her to do. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. I would like to sit down with Jack Welch. Would just love to pick his brain on his leadership style at GE, how he helped to turn them around with quite a few tough decisions and how he dealt with it, if he could redo any of it what.

  4. I would love to sit down with Jon Huntsman and get a no BS understanding of China and how that will impact the future everything.

  5. Alive today? I’d say Florida Gulf Coast men’s basketball coach Andy Enfield (who is now headed to USC). I’d ask him how he navigates instilling school pride in players who are older than the school. I think this would be helpful for people leading young organizations with veteran professionals.

  6. Not sure if it is too late, but I would love to sit down with Sally Clarkson. I have recently started reading her books and she has ispired me and the way I look at being a mother/wife,etc. I would probably ask her to babysit for me 😉

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