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My buddy Ken Coleman has been killing it on his new drive time radio show in Atlanta.

The show streams live at from 5p-7p EST every weekday, and I’ve had a blast appearing on the show a few times since it launched last month.

Here was a segment we did the week before the Super Bowl. I shot him 4 Super Bowl trivia questions, and for every answer he got wrong he had to divulge some personal information about himself and his sports watching habits.

(NOTE: this audio no longer available.)

See if you can beat Ken, and let us know in the comments how many you got right!


  • Win a Copy of One Question by Ken Coleman |

    Apr 02, 2013


    […] mentioned Ken on the blog before as I’ve been on his radio show a few times (you can listen to us doing Super Bowl trivia here). He’s a great interviewer, talented host, and really funny guy. So excited that his book is […]

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    Wow, sounds cool! Thanks!

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