The Super Bowl Prop Bet XLVII Contest Results

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We had 60 entries in the Prop Bet Contest this weekend.

First off, here are the correct picks:

The Super Bowl XLVII Prop Bets

1. How long will Alicia Keys’ National Anthem be?

A. 2 minutes and 14 seconds or longer (was around 2:35)

2. Which team will win the coin flip?

B. Baltimore

3. Which team will score first?

B. Baltimore

4. The first points scored will be…

B. Something other than a Field Goal (TD)

5. The largest lead of the game will be…

A. greater than 13.5 points (22 points)

6. How many rushing yards will Colin Kaepernick finish with?

A. Over 49.5 rushing yards (62 yards)

7. Joe Flacco’s longest completion will be…

A. Over 39.5 yards (56 yards)

8. The total number of interceptions thrown in the game will be…

B. Under 2.5 interceptions total (1)

9. The Super Bowl MVP will be…

B. anyone other than Kaepernick, Lewis, or Rice (Flacco)

10. Which team will win the Super Bowl?

B. Baltimore

Bonus: Total Points scored in the Super Bowl? – 65

So how did you do?

10 Correct ($50 gift card) – no one

9 Correct ($25 gift card) – no one

8 Correct (copy of my book) – Stormy

7 Correct – Tessa, Craig, Stewart, Kris, Adam M, Adam T, Jon S, Keith, Jay M

6 Correct – Bryan A, Matt R, Ross C, Joey P, Brandon, Jeff, David, KC, Austin, Nate E, Julie, Chad, Stephen U, Joel R

5 Correct – Jaklyn, Kyle R, Steve G, Parker A, Ben W, Ronald G, Jake, Rachel, Jacqui, Howard F, Jeff N

4 Correct – Zac, Brad A, Jeremy W, Melinda, Brian, AJ, Amy B, MJH, Marc, Sam, Phil, Jason H

3 Correct – Luke, Tim M, Jay, Kim N, Mitch S, Greg, Matthew

2 Correct – Tim H, Joey E, Scott M.

1 Correct – no one

0 Correct – no one

(and for the record, Stephen U was closest to the total points with his guess of 62.)

Thanks for playing along, everyone!

Stormy, as the only winner you can send me your address and I’ll get you that signed copy of my book. 


  • Stephen Uchacz

    Feb 04, 2013


    Soo close! As the game got on, the total score was getting close to my guess, then that safety put it up a few more haha! Good guessing everyone!

  • Tim McGeary

    Feb 05, 2013


    This confirms why I have never and will never bet with a bookie or in Vegas.

    (PS – Bryan – the “sign in with Twitter” link has been broken. I’ve been wanting to use that, but it goes to a “This page is not available” error)

  • Mark Stanson

    Feb 08, 2013


    Check out the community for the faithful, inspired by the History Channe’s Bible Series –

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  • RichAccist

    Jan 03, 2016


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  • Robecita

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  • WillPoolo

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