Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 96 parts egg nog…it’s Monday Soup!

+ Actually, Clams Are Miserable, is available now. Grab a signed paperback or three, they make great, easy gifts! What are you waiting for, me to call you personally and berate you? Don’t make me do it!

+ We’ll be announcing a date for the Killer Tribes Conference very soon! So excited to get it out there.

+ Alabama vs. Notre Dame in the Nationonal Championship! Who will you be rooting for? I’m jumping on the Fighting Irish bandwagon just because I’d love to see them take down an SEC powerhouse in the big game. I’ve watched pieces of four or five ND games this year, and their defense is on the same level as Alabama’s. Will be fascinating to see if they can handle Yeldon and Lacy. I’m not a college football guy, but I can’t wait!

+ I posted a new video, “The Oh Crap! Chris Brogan is at My Front Door Test,” over at today and Chris not only checked it out, he even retweeted that it was a “GREAT post!” W00t!

+ Two recent interviews of me you can check out: 4 Questions With Bryan Allain at BooksAndBeverages and An Interview with Bryan Allain at Tomorrow’s Reflection.

+ My friend Andi Cumbo is giving away a free book for joining her mailing list! Her latest, The God’s Whisper Manifesto, is a free download when you join her mailing list. It’s all about the dreams she has for the farm she lives on, how she wants it to be “…a place where we value love, conservation, intention, art, play and rest, good food, comfort, the opportunity to help, story, and dreams.” You can learn more about it here.

Have a great week!