Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 48 parts Oktoberfest…it’s Monday Soup on a Tuesday!

+ Did you miss STORY 2012? Justin Wise is giving away a live blog eBook of the event that he curated himself. Is it fantastic? Yes. Is it free? Of course it is. Get it here: STORY Chicago 2012 eBook.

+ Co-owning a fantasy football team with my son Parker has been a lot of fun this season. We’re 2-2 so far, so he’s experienced the ups and downs of fantasy that we all know oh so well. It’s another thing for us to connect on, and definitely a tradition I want to keep going until he’s old enough to run his own team. Then we’ll go head to head and I’ll destroy him.

+ The Above Average Network was #28 in YouTube’s Weekly channel rankings. That’s the channel that my boys Tripp and Tyler are a part of! Good job fellas!

+ This article about the coming fiscal cliff tax hit made me cringe. Are we really going to be taxed that much more? Ugh.

+ Loved Shawn Smucker’s response to Tony Jones’ post calling for the death of homeschoolingNot that I have a strong opinion either way, I just like it when people disagree with each other in a civil, responsible manner.

+ Want to be a better version of yourself? I do. There are a bunch of ways to do that. One way is to commit to eating right and exercising and stick with it. Another way is to serve more people than you ever have before. Another way is to do something about the dreams you have lying dormant in you that you’ve always wanted to act on. My friend Ben can help you with that last one. The next Dream Year weekend is in Virginia Beach in January. You maybe should be there.

+ Gotta be honest with this NFL ref thing…pretty great having the real ones back. It ties in to that 10,000 hours thing Gladwell talked about in Outliers; the more reps you get at something, the better you become at it. Who can blame the replacements for being sub-par, they weren’t even the B-Team. They were the D-Team! At least now we can enjoy the games without that distraction.

+ What’s that? You wanted an official twitter handle and hashtag for every show on this fall? Well, there you go.

+ Erica and I are flying to Atlanta this morning for Catalyst! The first week in October is one of my favorites of the year because of this conference. Love staying with our friends Tyler and Amy, love meeting old and new friends at the conference, and love being inspired and encouraged by the great speaker lineup they always have.

May or may not post the rest of the week here…

What else is new in your world? let us know in the comments.

Have a great week!