My New Book is Coming Soon!

I’m approaching the end of my fourth week working out of my basement as a self-employed mammal, and so far so great.

Folks have been asking what I’ve been working on, and the answer is “everything.” I’ve been putting way more time into the Killer Tribes Blogger Community, I’ve been working on the coming relaunch of the website, and I’ve been working on putting out my next book.

“What book,” you ask? This book.

It’s called Actually, Clams Are Miserable and it’s almost ready for prime time. In fact, here’s a little sneak peak of it.

Yes, it’s a collection of all the best Cliché Thursday posts I used to run here on the blog.

Yes, there are a few new ones thrown in.

Yes, I went through all of the old ones and tried to make them 42% funnier.

Yes, there are pictures in the book (thanks to Wes).

Yes, there are a couple of LOST references in it.

Yes, it will be available digitally and as a paperback.

No, I don’t have a release date yet. (Sometime next month.)

Yes, I would love your help promoting it when the time is right.

I’ll be sharing more details soon but I can’t wait for you all to read this book! (Unless of course you don’t want to, in which case we can’t be friends anymore.)