Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 98 parts O’Douls…it’s Monday Soup!

+ Getting proofs in this week of my new book! Will be announcing the title and releasing the cover image soon.

+ Apparently Apple has sold over 5 million iPhone 5 devices already? That’s over a billion dollars grossed one on product. For better or worse, the world has never seen anything like what this company is doing.

+ I attended a simulcast of the EntreLeadership 1-day event on Friday and it was great. Such solid teaching from Dave Ramsey, Chris LoCurto, and Jon Acuff. Excited to implement a few new things into my business in the coming weeks. 

+ Flying to Atlanta for Catalyst in 8 days! Woot!

+ Season 14 of Big Brother was amazing. Possibly the best season ever of the show, mostly because of the scheming and ruthlessness of Dan Gheesling. I’ve never seen anyone game the other players so hard like he did, and even though it might have been too much to land him jury votes, it was a thing to behold.

+ Enjoyed the first episode of Revolution on NBC, and from what I’ve read the pilot makes a lot more sense after you’ve watched the first couple of episodes. Will stick around for a few weeks and see where it goes. Will probably do the same with Last Resort as well. You watching any new shows?

+ Great NFL games yesterday! Quick Thoughts: The Falcons and Texans might have the NFC and AFC South wrapped up by December 3rd…Other than those divisions, I think this season could have the most potential playoff teams headed into Week 17 EVER…I’m more sick and tired of people complaining about the replacement refs than I am of the refs themselves (even though they are clearly overmatched)…The Cardinals have given up 40 points combined to the Rams/Patriots/Eagles! And when you look at their schedule its not far fetched to think they could be 6-1 this time next month.

+ Loved seeing the reports from STORY and the Quitter Conference this past week! I’ve been to both conference and they are both amazing. Any of you there? Let us know how they were!

What else is new in your world? let us know in the comments.

Have a great week!