Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 3 parts Olympic pool water.

+ Headed out to Pittsburgh for a wedding next month so we got tickets to see the Pirates at PNC Park. With the Pirates currently tied for one of the two wild card spots, the game might actually mean something! Heard the park is beautiful, should be fun.

+ Was about to crack open this Jonah Lehrer book this week, but with all the hubbub surrounding his firing I might burn it instead. (I kid, I kid). Next book I plan on going through: Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield (If you’ve never read his War of Art, fix that.)

My buddy Wes is launching a new web comic today called Insert Image. (see the graphic at the bottom of this post). Check it out here: Insert Image.

+ I’m starting to get excited about the NFL! Opening kickoff is a little more than 4 weeks away. Anyone interested in doing a picks league that costs $20 for the season? Participants must pay before the start of the season and would pick every game against the spread. Email me if you want in (bryanallain@gmail).

+ My friend Jonathan Wold is an experienced web developer who would love to help you start a business developing websites for people. Think you don’t have the necessary experience? Jonathan says it doesn’t matter. His free eBook, Four Weeks to Your First Client, will show you how. He’s also got a premium product coming out this Fall to help you grow your business even bigger. Good stuff!

+ Favorite new iPhone app: CalveticaIt’s $2.99 and it blows away the iCal app that comes with the iPhone (not too hard). Looks great and is easy to use. (h/t to my buddy Jake for the recommendation.)

+ Speaking of the iPhone, rumor has it the new one will be announced on 9/12 and will be available 9/21. Anyone else gonna be in line with me on Day 1? Been waiting a while for this bad boy.

+ While we’re talking geek, been playing around with Standard 3.0 for WordPress and am all-around impressed. You may see this blog get updated to it before the year ends. Customer support is great, interface is intuitive, and the code is solid. Check it out for yourself: Standard for WordPress.

+ Remember my brother Jordan who used to help me break down episodes of LOST? He’s in a band up in Boston called Man Alive! and they’re great. Check them out on Facebook…I mean, look at this great band photo (he’s the shocked one on the left):

Here’s that image from Wes’ new comic!

what’s new in your world? let us know in the comments. Have a great week!

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