The Makings of a Family Picture

This is us two weeks ago at the first Krispy Kreme store ever. It’s located in Winston-Salem, NC and it turns 75 years old this Friday.

Nice happy family, right?

Sort of.

First we had to all get into the shot.

┬áThat’s my, “Parker get off the iPhone and get into the picture now” face.

Which is all too often followed by the…

“Please come the first time I call you” face.

Oh, but what do we have here?

Looks like another teachable moment to me.

Kylie gets the “Please don’t take things our of your brother’s hand without asking” face.

Meanwhile Parker pulls out the old “I wasn’t doing anything” face.

(Of course you weren’t.)

People are watching now, let’s get this over with.

And in the end we get the shot.

A smiling, happy, normal family.

(Well, as normal as you can be considering this gene pool was involved.)


(Special thanks to my brother in law Michael for snapping 23 shots in a row and inadvertently giving me a blog post.)