Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 55 parts transmission fluid.

+ Still reading: The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau and The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson and still really loving them both. (Amazon affiliate links)

+ Naps are like Taco Bell to me. There are days when I feel like I just have to have them, and then afterwards I feel worse than I did before. Just not a napper.

+ I shot 100 free throw in my driveway the other night. Slightly impressive? The fact that I made 79 of them. More impressive? The fact that I had time to shoot 100 free throws.

+ Apple announcements 1 week from today. What to expect? A taller iPhone, thinner Macbook Pros, new features in iOS 6 (including Apple ditching Google Maps for their own new software), and who knows what else. Rumors of the iTV have been floating around, but I still think we’re a year away from that.

+ NBA teams are 8-0 at home so far in the conference finals, and many of the games haven’t even been close. What does that say about a sport when home court matters THAT much. Is it a tribute to the fans, an indictment of the refs, or a little bit of everything? All I know is I’ll be rooting for both road teams in Game 5.

+ We’ve been getting some crazy storms around here the past few days. Snapped this picture (and used an Instagram filter on it) the other day. End of days, much?

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Have a great week!