The Amazing Sponsors of Killer Tribes

I’ve got four sponsors for my Killer Tribes Conference next week and I want you to know about them. Why? Because they stepped out and took a risk with me and my new conference when no one else would. That right there earns them a discount double check (and some major respect points).

Each of these sponsors is unique in its own way. Here’s why you should pay attention to what they are doing.

Mendmark – My friend Hunter runs this company and makes some of the best t-shirts currently in my closet. You’ve probably seen the logo or the name on Tyler Stanton’s Blog or at Hunter has a day job like I do. This company is his passion, but not his main source of income right now, and yet he still reached out to help with the conference. Love That.

You can support Mendmark by picking up one of their t-shirts, bracelets, or decals. Seriously, the two t-shirts I have from them not only look great, but they fit really well and are very comfortable. I wouldn’t steer you wrong, my peoples!

Food For The Hungry – Why does an organization that’s been around for over 40 years sponsor a conference that didn’t exist 6 months ago? Because they get it. They understand how important it is to be connected digitally and in real life, and they are all about extending their reach so they can feed as many hungry people as possible.

There are many ways you can be a part of what this organization is doing, from sponsoring specific children to doing a short-term or a long-term missionary trip in a developing country. If you’ve got a heart to do more, even if it’s just to put their logo on your blog to help raise awareness, email me for more info (bryanATkillertribesDOTcom). These are great people doing great things, and I can’t think of a better place to get involved.

Faith Village – There’s 2 things I know about faith village: 1) Every time I check out the Faith Village website they’ve added something new and 2) Every person I’ve connected with at Faith Village has been awesome. That’s why when they told me they’d like to come on as sponsors of Killer Tribes I wasn’t that surprised. They are on the cutting edge.

Their current site is in Beta right now, and it’s really hard to explain what it is without going there yourself (in a good way). It’s part social network, part newsstand, part community, part blog hub. Folks I respect like Tor Constantino, Mary DeMuth, Tony Alicea, and Tracee Persiko are already involved as contributors, and when the site fully launches later in the year I know it’s going to generate some buzz. Check it for yourself and get a good seat on the bandwagon.

Picha – What if there was an easy way to sell your pictures? (I mean really easy.) Imagine an app that let you share all of your pictures, set the licensing options exactly like you wanted them, set the prices you wanted to sell them for, and direct exactly where you wanted the money to go to using Paypal (your wallet, your favorite charity, etc.)

That’s what Picha is, and it’s probably going to revolutionize the online photo industry. So proud to have them as one of our sponsors. Check out their site to see their amazing intro video and to sign up, right now it’s invitation only to be a part, so sign up there to get your invite.

Killer Tribes would not be happening without these sponsors, many thanks to them for standing with me on this event.

If you’ve got any questions or you’re interested in learning more about them, check out their websites or shoot me an email.