Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and a hint of lemon.

+ If you’re looking for a video intro to your Easter Service in 3 weeks, my friend Chris at Disciple Media put together an amazing video called Proclaim. It will set the tone of your service from the outset in what should be the most exciting Sunday of the year at your church.

+ Had a dream on Saturday night that Killer Tribes happened and that a lot of crap went wrong. The worst part was that the conference was split into two locations and I forgot to make an appearance in both. I woke up thankful that it was a dream and hopeful that it’s the last one I have about the event.

Oh, and this week I’ll be sharing the schedule for the day. Still time to join us! Register now for just $99.

+ My son Parker’s brackets are looking a whole lot better than mine. How do yours look?

+ My lawn is probably going to need to be cut this week. That’s the only drawback to this amazing stretch of weather we’ve had in March. My annual love/hate dance with a healthy yard.

+ While I’m whining, had to get one of our cars towed twice in two weeks. Newfangled cars these days with their electronics. One thing goes wrong in the circuitry and the darn thing won’t start. Harumph.

Hope your week is filled with less whine that this post. Let us know what’s up in the comments.