Three More Killer Tribes Announcements

Today being March 1st (can you believe it’s March already!!!) means that Killer Tribes is happening this month!

Insane. and Awesome.

What’s new with the event? Glad you asked.

1. We’ve announced the official location of our Friday Night Meetup.

We’ll be getting together on Friday night, March 30th, at CREMA Coffeehouse in downtown Nashville. We’ve rented out the venue from 7:30 to 9:30 just for attendees and speakers, and we’ll be checking registrations at the door because we won’t have extra space for stragglers.

Here’s the address: 15 Hermitage Ave., Nashville, TN 37204

Here’s their website:

2. Our Facebook Event page keeps growing.

As I type this there are 51 people registered on the event page, but more than double that are already committed to being at the event. So if you’re registered to go, head over to the Killer Tribes Facebook Page and let everyone else know.

And if you’re on the fence about going, check out some of the folks who are attending on the Killer Tribes Facebook Page. If the people are the ones who make or break an event, I have no doubt that this event is going to be amazing.

3. We’ve added our final speaker to the lineup.

Meet Dave Delaney, a social media expert who ACTUALLY IS a social media expert.

Since moving to Nashville in 2007, Dave co-founded two annual unconferences, PodCamp and BarCamp Nashville. He has also launched two monthly events, Nashcocktail and Geek Breakfast, the latter now has chapters across the US, South Africa and Australia.

In 2009, Dave was nominated for Nashville’s blogger of the year by the Nashville Technology Council. Two years later he was awarded the prestigious Digital Media Champion AIM Award by the American Marketing Association in Nashville. Dave has appeared in tech stories in USA Today, The Tennessean and Mashable and he just finished a 3-year stint as a digital marketing manager at Griffin Technologies to step out on his own as a consultant.

I got to meet Dave last week in Nashville. Great guy with a ton of experience in the digital marketing trenches. I think you’ll be surprised with some of the insights he shares.

So yeah, lots of great stuff happening with Killer Tribes.

Over these next 2 weeks are when you’ll be able to get the best deals on flights into Nashville, so throw the idea out there to a couple friends and plan a road trip to come hang with us for an amazing weekend of connecting, learning, and expanding the boundaries of what you and your tribe can accomplish.

For more info or to register: The Killer Tribes Conference