Contest Winners and The Isle of Man Interview

I was interviewed by Kevin Haggerty at The Isle of Man this week and that man is such a hard worker that he already has the thing ready to go on his blog. What a beast! (link at the end of the post)

But before I give you that juicy link featuring me answering random questions, how about the winners of the 3 free Killer Tribes Tickets? I put the names of everyone who registered for Killer Tribes between January 3rd and January 12th into a hat and the 3 names I pulled out were:

1. Joseph Craven

2. Josh Ellig

3. Christine Niles

Congrats to the three of you for winning! Email me by the end of February with the name of the person you are gifting the free ticket to.

As for the winner of the comment contest on my blog, which was also chosen at random…

Dawn Wyant!

Dawn wins the $20 Amazon Gift Card ($35 if she tweeted about this post between 1/3 and 1/12), which she can get by dropping me an email.

And what about that interview with Kevin in which we talk about everything from Kobe Bryant to Breaking Bad to faith to Killer Tribes to car insurance? Here’s the link:

Bryan Allain Interviewed at the Isle of Man

No blog post tomorrow as I’ll be traveling, see you next week!