Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 12 parts Nyquil.

Monday Tuesday Soup

+ Spent a fun long weekend in MA visiting my parents. Got to see a couple of my sibs, my grandparents, and my favorite pizza joint. Nothing like being with family! There’s a handful of pictures on my twitter stream if you’re the visual type.

+ More great Killer Tribes announcements happening this week. Try to contain yourselves.

+ My buddy David Robbins released a CD recently. If you’re into alt-country, alt-folk, alt-country/folk, or the “alt” key on your keyboard, check out Echoes in the Pines by David Robbins.

+ A Niners-Ravens super bowl would be one of the lowest rated ever, wouldn’t it?  Though I’m not a huge fan, I’m hoping to see my hometown Patriots against the Giants in the big game. Would give Brady and Belicheck a chance to exorcise the demons of four years ago OR it would cement Eli’s status as an elite QB (if he isn’t already). Viva football!

+ Played around with The Email Game last week on the recommendation of Tim Ferriss and really liked it. Turns the act of going through your inbox into a timed game where you’re rewarded for moving quickly and you aren’t distracted by returning to your inbox after every sent email. Not for everyone, but maybe worth a try.

+ Bought two pairs of “skinnier” jeans this weekend. I have nothing more to add to this bullet point.

What about you, what’s in your Monday Soup today?