Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 12 parts drummers drumming.

Monday Soup

+ Ate WAYYY too much this weekend. Good grief.

+ So…Kim Jong Il has been replaced by his son Kim Jong Un? I always enjoyed making Kim Jong Il jokes (I think there’s at least one in 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo). Looking forward to getting new material from another crazy dictator.

+ Hey NFL fans, remember that this weekend Saturday is the new Sunday. There’s 1 game on Thursday night, 13 games on Christmas Eve Saturday (10 at 1pm EST, 3 at 4pm EST), 1 game on Christmas night, and 1 Monday night football game. With no football on Sunday, what are you gonna watch all afternoon while the kids play with their shiny new toys? The return of the NBA, I guess.

+ 3 of the top 8 stories on right now revolve around Britney Spears’ engagement. Why? Or maybe the better question is, “What was I doing on”

+ Jason Boyett’s Pocket Guide to 2012 is available on Kindle and as a PDF for $3.99. Back in Massachusetts we would say that Jason is “a wicked clevah writah”. Well worth 4 bucks.

+ Someone is coming from London to the Killer Tribes Conference in March! Love it! Want to take a road trip to the conference with someone from your area? Post a message on the Killer Tribes Conf. Facebook Page and see if you can make magic happen.

+ My Christmas shopping is D-O-N-E done a week before Christmas, maybe for the first time ever. What about you?

What about you, what’s in your Monday Soup today?