25 Reasons to Register For Killer Tribes Today

Why? Because sometimes you need a creative outlet for the insanity in your brain.

So here we go…

25 Reasons to Register For Killer Tribes Today

1. It’s the last day you can get the Super Early Bird Rate of $79.

UPDATE: I’m extending the Super Early Bird cutoff until Sunday Night at 9PM EST. Gives you the weekend to let these 25 amazing reasons soak in.

2. You’re going to get Christmas money in a week. Nothing wrong with spending some of it now.

3. David Stern will not void your purchase of a Killer Tribes Conference Ticket.

4. Derek Webb will be there to talk about the success behind selling over a million albums with Caedmon’s Call and the success behind giving away 80,000 downloads of his album for free.

5. The Conference is over a month after the Super Bowl, so there’s plenty of time for you to recover from Madonna’s halftime show.

6. We will have coffee. Lots of coffee.

7. Jack White from the White Stripes is often seen wandering around Nashville. Maybe he’ll pop his head into our conference? (He won’t.)

8. We’re having a meet up the night before we’re I’ll finally get to meet a lot of you and you’ll get to meet each other. I guarantee you’ll make connections that will last far beyond 2012. Unless you show up with leprosy, in which case you probably won’t make any friends.

9. There will be Cheez-its.

10. Sarah Mae sold 11,000 copies of her self-published eBook, “31 Days to Clean” in the first 3 months it was released (and over 20,000 copies overall)! She’ll talk about how she did that (and the answer might surprise you.)

11. Unlike the NFL and NHL, participating in the Killer Tribes Conference will not increase your chances of getting a concussion.

12. Jon Acuff will be speaking via video because he’s already booked for March 31st. The editing process will allow us to make the video 40% better. Especially if we figure out a way to edit a waxy mustache onto Jon’s upper lip.

13. My amazing wife Erica will be there with me at the conference. Meeting her is worth the price of admission alone. (Brownie Points, FTW!)

14. We are enforcing a strict no-robot policy at the event. You can enjoy yourself in peace, knowing that you won’t be attacked by a roomba or by Vicki from the Small Wonder.

15. You will find out who Steve Kamb is. Don’t know about Steve? He started the Nerd Fitness community a few years ago because he wanted to help fellow nerds get in shape and level up their lives. These days he’s got 11,000 folks in his community, he’s spoken at Google, and he’s traveled the globe on $418 bucks (as featured on Gizmodo). You’re not going to want to miss his inspiring story.

16. Unlike other conferences, we will not stab you with a needle coated with swine flu.

17. Tripp & Tyler emcee huge events all over the country like Catalyst, the Chick-Fil-A leadercast, Big Stuf Camps, and more. Well guess what, you can add the Killer Tribes Conference to that list. And since we’re a new conference, I’m letting them do WHATEVER THEY WANT as emcees. (Note only for Tripp & Tyler: I am not letting you do whatever you want as emcees.)

18. Things we will not charge you for at the conference: stretching, breathing, laughing, exchanging your business card, using the restrooms, tweeting, taking pictures, drinking water, and making silly faces. What other conference promises you THAT?

19. Alli Worthington is the founder of the 2nd Largest Women’s Blogging and Social Media Conference in the country. And she is on the social media advisory board of Intel. And she publishes a magazine, is working on a new iPhone app, and has 5 kids. Hear how she does it, why she does it, and how you can do it too only at this event.

20. I will hide at least 1 LOST easter egg somewhere at the venue because I have issues.

21. Did I mention that Derek Webb will be playing a song or two or three before his Q&A? Heck yeah.

22. Jeff Goins just signed a book deal. He’ll be sharing. Stephen Brewster spent 3 years as the Director of Marketing for Integrity Music before becoming the Creative Director at CrossPoint. He’ll be sharing. I’m an idiot with a blog. I’ll be sharing. AND I’ve got at least 2 more presenters who have committed and 1 more who might commit who are going to bring their own brand of awesome to the conference. You’ll hear about them soon.

23. My kids won’t be there! And neither will yours! W00t! (Disclaimer: I love my kids.)

24. Because sometimes you need to do something a little crazy and invest in yourself even if you’re not sure it’s going to be worth the risk. Those are the decisions that make life fun and exciting.

and finally…

25. If I bring in a Killer Tribe from Africa as a gag and they decide to kill and eat everyone, think of how big of a story that would be! You’d be a part of it!

Register for the Killer Tribes Conference today! See you in Nashville!