Announcing the Killer Tribes Conference

Well…this is probably the biggest, scariest thing I’ve done since I drank an entire glass of water at 10pm as a bed-wetting 12-year old at a sleepover at my friend Seth’s house.

Let’s hope it turns out better than that night did.

Ladies and Gentleman, introducing the Killer Tribes Conference…

Registration is live, and time is already running out on the Super Early Bird rate. Can’t wait for you to meet these presenters, and can’t wait to tell you who else is on the verge of joining the lineup. For more info, visit the conference web site: The Killer Tribes Conference

If you’re a blogger, writer, artist, pastor, small business owner, or anyone else looking to expand their reach, find their fans, & build a killer tribe, THIS CONFERENCE IS FOR YOU.

This is going to be so much fun I might pee in my pants…and boy, wouldn’t that be life coming full circle?

Can’t wait to see who the first few folks are who jump on board and get tickets. Stay tuned…