Summer 2011 Traffic Trends

Every once in a while I like to geek out and figure out who you all are and where you’re coming from.

Using Google Analytics, I can figure anything out, even your Social Security numbers.

This data is from the summer. I’ll be comparing it against similar pockets for 2010 and 2009.

U.S. States with the smallest representation?

(2009: Wyoming and South Dakota / 2010: Wyoming and Montana)

Summer 2011 : Wyoming and Alaska. 3 years in a row, Wyoming!!!. Unbelievable. I even drove through the lower southeast corner of your state last year, enduring zero cellphone coverage and nothing but a solitary Loaf ‘n’ Jug on the horizon for miles, and this is how you repay me.

Considering banning all IP addresses that originate from Wyoming. Two can play at this game.

Most surprising high-ranking U.S. state?

(2009: Georgia at #3 /2010:Florida at #5)

Summer 2011: Tennessee at #5! Up from #9 last year, I’m finally starting to make inroads with those creative Nashvillians. This is a promising sign, as I’ve got something cooking up on the back burner that involves the Volunteer State.

Most surprising low-ranking U.S. state?

(2009: Delaware at #40 / 2010: West Virginia at #39)

Summer 2011: New Vermaine at #36. I was born and raised in New England, but I guess a prophet is never honored in his hometown. The thing is, even if you combine traffic from New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine it would still only rank #36. Pathetic.

While we’re here, let’s go ahead and declare that New Vermaine is an actual state now, just to mix things up.

My most engaged American readers?

(2009: Maryland – 8:25 per visit / 2010 Alaska – 10:19 per visit)

Summer 2011: New Jersey at 3:09 per visit. There’s a joke in here about how it takes folks from the Jersey Shore a little bit longer to read, but it’s a little too easy.

My least engaged American readers?

(2009: Hawaii – 2 sec per visit / 2010: Montana – 20 secs per visit)

Summer 2011: Alaska at 0 seconds per visit. Yes that’s not a typo. Zero seconds per visit. All 14 people who visited my site from Alaska immediately recognized it was a mistake and closed their browser window before the page even finished loading.

Sarah Palin, I’m holding you personally responsible.

Here’s the complete U.S. State rankings based on total number of visits to my site.

And here’s the Top 15 Countries rankings based on total # of visits to my site.

1. U.S., 2. Canada, 3. United Kingdom, 4. Australia, 5. Guatemala

6. Brazil, 7. Germany, 8. India, 9. Philippines, 10. South Africa

11. Russia, 12. Luxembourg, 13. Mexico, 14. Ukraine, 15. New Zealand

Find your state/Country and explain the ranking to me…

…and maybe even tell me what I can do to help you jump in the rankings.