More Ridiculous: Beiber Cards or Fast Food Bands?

My daughter Kylie turned 10 on Saturday, a fact that is amazing, frightening, and unbelievable to me all at the same time.

me and my beautiful 10-yr old

I missed her party because I was in Nashville, but we had plans to go out together on Sunday night for a daddy-daughter date so once I got back into town that’s exactly what we did.

Where did we go? The mall of course, because when you ask a 10-year old girl where she wants to hang out she’s either going to pick the mall, the movies, the bookstore, Disneyland, the toy store, or Selena Gomez’s house.

We hit up all of her favorite stores: Justice, Claire’s, P.S., and the Apple Store. (Okay that last one might have been for me, but I could have sworn I heard her say “I really want to check out the new Macbook Air” at one point.) While we were in Claire’s I grabbed these two pictures because I couldn’t decide which was more ridiculous.

On the left: silly bandz with a Fast Food Theme.

On the right: a pack of Justin Beiber trading cards.

I’m leaving this one up to you, the readers of this blog.

Which one do you think is more ridiculous? The fact that Beiber has his own set of trading cards or the fact that we’re letting kids wear bracelets shaped like sodas and french fries?

Leave a comment and weigh in, and if you’ve seen anything equally ridiculous at a store recently, let us know about it.