Golf: The Final Frontier

Prior to my 18 holes at beautiful Hershey Country Club yesterday I posted this tweet:

I got a handful of responses, and I’ll give a pat on the back to those who were correct in a second…

…but first, check this out:

I shank my tee shot on the par-3 13th hole. I’m left with about 75 yards to the hole from the rough of an adjacent fairway (yeah, it was an awful shot) and I’ve got to hit over 3 bunkers onto the green.

There’s a group playing the hole I’ve shanked onto, so I quickly grab my sand wedge – knowing it might not be enough to reach the green – and hit what feels like a great shot. But does it have enough to clear the bunker??? I expect to see a splash of sand, but instead it disappears onto the green. Phew.

Chad and Josh, who are up near the green, began shouting “get in the hole!” as the ball rolls towards the cup (which was hidden from my view).  And then…a roar emerged from the green the likes of which have never been heard at Augusta National, St. Andrews, or any other golf course on earth.

“It’s in the hole!!!!!”

I jumped around like an idiot for a few minutes and even grabbed a picture of the ball pinned against the side of the cup to commemorate my moment of unbridled luck.

Who takes a picture of a birdie? This guy does.

And as for whether or not I came in under or over 100.5? Here’s my scorecard:

Thanks to everyone who believed in me. Specifically these chaps:

And as for MotorCop, Shawn, Andrew, Mike, and Chad: in your face with a can of mace.

What about you? Got any good golf stories? Tales of terrible shots, amazing bounces, people cheating, incredible meltdowns, or incidents of golf course rage?

Let us hear ’em!