My UnSummer Reading List

Apparently summer reading lists are supposed to consist of mindless reads and books you can plow through on the beach while your kids throw sand into other people’s eyes.

But I’ve had enough!
(of the mindless books AND the sand in the eyes)

Here’s 8 books I’m recommending for you this summer. There’s a few “lighter” reads on here, but nothing that lets you turn your brain off.

I’ve read (or am reading) all of these, so they come with the seal of approval. The seal will show up at your house with the book and will balance a ball on his nose while he applauds you for making such a wise purchase.

You can hover over any of the books to read my 1-2 sentence synopsis.

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So there it is, my UnSummer reading list. Pick up 1 or 2 of them and let us know what you thought when you’ve finished them.

And if you, my informed and tasteful reader, have a recommendation for the rest of us to read this summer, please let us know in the comments.