Monday Soup for 23MAY11

1 Part Broth, 1 Part Noodles, and 9 Parts whatever else is floating around in my head.

Monday Soup

+ BLOGROCKET Hosting is now available. $10/month for headache-free hosting. We set up your database and WordPress install, you relax knowing your hosting is with the BLOGROCKET name you know & trust. Here’s our hosting package: BLOGROCKET Hosting.

+ New Bachelorette season starts tonight. If you missed it last week I picked 5 guys I think will win at Knox McCoy’s blog. Yes, it is a terrible premise that leads to crushing heartbreaks and doomed relationships. And yes, it makes for fascinating television.

+ I can’t tell you how proud I am of my wife Erica. This past weekend she endured a grueling 3-day training to become certified as a Les Mills Body Combat Instructor. She was far less experienced as an instructor than anyone else in her class (as in, she has NO prior experience), but she made it through and passed! All she needs to complete her certification is to do a few hours of team coaching with a certified instructor. Les Mills is the gold standard of fitness training, and despite a good chance of failure she went in, took the chance, and crushed it. You go, love! So inspiring to me.

+ I will be demanding FULL REPORTS from everyone who joined us for Make Your Goal May. Feel free to report on your progress in the comments or keep us in suspense.

+ Looking at scheduling some BLOGROCKET meetups this Summer and Fall as I do a bit of traveling. If you’re gonna be in the Dallas area in July, Chicago in September, or Atlanta in October, let me know.

+ Heading on a field trip with my daughter’s 4th grade class to the Franklin Institute in Philly next week. So many chances to be goofy and embarrass her. But yeah, I know better.

+ Congrats to BLOGROCKET Community member Jeff Goins, who had a post published at ProBlogger this weekend. So cool!

+ This story on the disappointed folks who thought the world WAS going to end on Saturday was pretty fascinating. (h/t: Jordan Green)

+ The Booster Course officially launches tomorrow!

A few notes:

1) It will look a lot different than this early mockup, and it will be a lot thicker too. The finished version clocks in at over 135 pages.

2) If you’re on the fence about joining our amazing community, all 3 levels of the Booster Course come with a trial community membership. I think once you get a taste for the atmosphere there, you’ll see why it’s becoming so valuable for a lot of us.

3) It’s a scary thing to launch something you’ve put so much of yourself into, but it’s exhilarating at the same time. The best part for me is knowing that everyone who makes the investment in the course is going to see so much growth in their blog (like Shawn, who has an advanced copy of the course and saw his traffic go up 40% in the first week!) Can’t wait to hear the success stories.

Hope your Monday Soup is piping hot and tasty as well!