Lessons From a Terrible Video Blogging Debut

I hesitate to post this video because it’s so awful, but I think there’s a few things to learn from it.

I recorded this 2.5 years ago, right around the time I started taking my blog more seriously. I wanted to give video blogging a shot, but I had no idea what I was doing. But before I say anymore, roll the tape!

So what can we learn from those 101 seconds?

Here’s 2 Important Things:

1. You’ve Got To Start Somewhere – When I made this video I knew it wasn’t great, but I knew it was better than nothing. I remember feeling almost relieved when I finally posted it, knowing that I had broken the ice: I had finally put up a video blog.

Remember, for a lot of these endeavors it’s not HOW you start, it’s THAT you start.

2. Give Yourself A Chance To Grow – Though my videos now won’t be winning any People’s Choice Awards, they’re much better than this because I’m more comfortable doing them. Starting off with something crappy gave me a better shot at improving.

We can get so paralyzed by fear sometimes that we refuse to share anything unless we feel it’s as good as it possibly can be. Believe me I get it. But you’ve got to press through that and allow yourself to be mediocre, especially when it’s the difference between starting something and NOT starting something.

So that’s my encouragement for you today in your creative endeavors. Whether it’s something on your blog (or starting a blog!), a new fitness routine, taking a shot at songwriting, or starting on a book manuscript idea that’s been in your head for years.

You’ve got to start somewhere, so start now. Let it be mediocre. Heck, let it be bad. Just start and give yourself a chance to grow at it.

In fact, why not start today?

PS…What else did you learn from that video? And yes, I thinking more along the lines of you ripping on me for any number of things that you saw or heard. Go ahead, have at me. I deserve it.