10 Reasons You Should Join the BlogRocket Community

Today is the OFFICIAL launch of the BlogRocket Community, but some folks found the subscribe button on the site this weekend and have already joined up and started connecting.

Want 10 reasons why you should join the community? No? Well, I’ll give them to you anyways.

10 Reasons You Should Join the BlogRocket Community

1. Because a connection made in the comments section of a blog can only go so far.

2. Because Kim Jong-Il is not a part of the BlogRocket Community. (Although he assures me that he currently writes every day for 11 different blogs that are all in the Top 10 of Alexa’s traffic rankings.)

3. Because growing a blog is all about connecting with other bloggers, sharing your audiences, and expanding your network of influence.  Nothing does that better than a community forum, especially one made solely of invested bloggers.

4. Because I’ve already got some amazing bloggers lined up to give me exclusive interviews that I’ll ONLY be sharing with BlogRocket Community Members in a password-protected Resource Center.

5. Because we are committed to being a 100% robot-free community. Sorry robots, but you pre-scrap heap gear bags aren’t welcomed here.

6. Because I’ll be hanging out there interacting with folks all the time. So if you’ve ever wanted to ask me questions or get my ear on something, it will be a great way to do that.

7. Because if I listed out everything you spent more than $10 on in the last few weeks, you’d realize that the return you’re getting with the connections and insight from the Community might make it the best $10 you spend all month.

8. Because we’re planning on publishing Newsletters WRITTEN BY and FOR community members in the near future. If you’ve ever wanted to write for something other than your blog for an audience hungry for good content, you’re gonna love this.

9. Because the guy in the cubicle next to me is talking so loudly right now, I can’t even think of a good ninth point to make. I wish I was making this up.

10. Because even though we all have a lot to learn, some of you have experience and wisdom that the community needs. If you’d love to be inspired AND be a source of inspiration and knowledge for others, we’d love to have you be a part.

The party’s already started over there, we’d love to have you join as well.

Here’s the link: The BlogRocket Community

See you on the inside!