Jon Acuff, Unibrows, and Live Chats

Last night my buddy Jon Acuff was doing a live chat on Justin.TV, so I stopped in to check it out and give him a hard time.

There were about 150 people participating (I saw some of y’all on there) & Jon was going through every question that was being asked, so I threw my hat into the ring with this one (which technically isn’t a question).

“Jon I just talked to your unibrow. It took up residence on the forehead of an Amishman and it misses you. (by the way, halfway through Quitter and loving it.)”

Right before he read my comment I got the bright idea to record it, and I’m glad I did for two reasons:

1) Jon said some nice things about me, which always makes a boy feel good, and

2) I love the way Jon reads the question not knowing that it was a joke. He was being peppered with serious questions all night, so I think it caught him off guard.

(video after the jump)

Pretty sure he didn’t realize who the question was from until I mentioned I was halfway through Quitter, which prompted him to see who it was that already had a copy of the book.

Anyway, it’s only 20 seconds long, but here’s the clip.

The whole thing seemed to work well, which made me want to do something similar.

If we did a chat like that would you guys be interested? Don’t say “yes” just to make me feel good, either. If there’s zero interest it won’t hurt my feelings, just trying to gauge interest. As for what we could chat about, I guess you could ask me about writing, blogging, humor, and whatever other ridiculous stuff you could come up with. Knowing y’all, it would probably be a lot of fun.

Let me know in the comments…

And be on the lookout for an Amishman wearing Jon Acuff’s old unibrow.