8 Ridiculous Grocery Store Logos

One of my favorite things about traveling to different parts of the country is the random local grocery stores you see. (I say that as if I actually travel to different parts of the country with regularity. I do not.)

Here’s some of the most ridiculous names/logos I’ve seen and heard of.

In a minute you can add yours to the list.

The 8 Most Ridiculous Grocery Store Logos

1. Harris Teeter

Worst Name Ever? Probably.

And why only represent 3 food groups in the logo?

You mean to tell me you couldn’t have fit a pint of milk or a cheese wedge into that graphic?

Shame on you, Sincerely, the Dairy Farmers of America.

2. Genuardi’s

Ingredients for life…

and apples shaped like apostrophes.

3. Piggly Wiggly

First of all, Porky Pig called and he wants his face back.

Second of all, “down home, down the street”?

Apparently the money they saved not hiring a cartoonist wasn’t spent on a tagline either.

Let’s not even deal with the actual name of the store and just move on…

4. Kroger

I’ve got nothing against connecting letters in a logo, except when it looks like this.

Look at that ‘K’.

Does connecting it to the other side of the ‘o” really justify that gross disfigurement?

The connection doesn’t even form anything cool like a symbol or a hidden graphic.

Every minute I stare at this logo, I become dumber. Let’s move on.

5. Ralphs

Nobody in the editing department asked where the apostrophe was?

You remembered the “Registered symbol” but forgot the apostrophe.

Or are you actually selling Ralphs in this store?

If so, I’ll take one Nader, one Malph, and a side of Macchio please.

6. Big Y

To be honest, the ‘B’ is almost as big.

7. Giant

Giant Supermarket: Our apples come in different sizes and colors

Giant Supermarket: Colors and Shapes!

Giant Supermarket: We are to bowls as the Russians are to nesting dolls.

8.  Food Lion

This logo almost got its own post.

For starters, the tail makes an ‘S’. There is no ‘S’ in Food Lion as far as I know.

Also, it’s clear this “food lion” hasn’t been eating any food.

Look at how thin he is at the waist, he’s emaciated for Pete’s sake!

Maybe he can’t eat because his tongue is actually an upside down pipe.

Or maybe he can’t eat because there is a man inside him with a periscope.

Look at that tongue. Just look at it.

A designer actually had to consciously draw it that way.

It is supposed to be an ‘L’ for Lion? Or is the lion taunting us for shopping there?

I’m so confused, I think I’ll just go to Harris Teeter.

Okay, your turn.

What’s the most ridiculous grocery store name/logo in your area?