3 Things That Make Me Laugh at Concerts

Got a chance to see my friend Derek Webb open up for Jars of Clay this past weekend at Eastern University, thanks to Derek leaving me a few tickets at will call for the sold out show. #namedropping #winning

Derek was fantastic as usual, and I especially enjoyed his performance of the first 3 songs off of his new FEEDBACK record.

“If nothing else, at least I look busy,” Derek told me after the show. But truth be told he had the audience pretty captivated with the little rig he had set up on stage, highlighted by his glowing MacBook. And appearances aside, the new stuff sounded pretty great too.

All in all the show was worth the hour drive, but I had to laugh at these 3 things that I have been noticing lately at concerts I go to…

3 Things That Make Me Laugh at Concerts

1. The Ridiculousness of the “No Video Cameras” Sign.

Seriously? You mean I can’t bring in my handheld Panasonic MiniDV camcorder to record this concert on a tape that will end up in a drawer of other tapes I’ll never watch again?


I guess I’ll have to settle for recording a few clips on my HD camera phone to share on Facebook and Twitter.

2. The Guy Who Dances Like He’s Alone in His Living Room

At first you snicker at him. Then maybe you giggle.

Then you’re jealous because you realize he’s having more fun than you are and he doesn’t care what other people think about the way he’s dancing.

But then he doesn’t stop and you just want to walk over there and tell him to knock it off already.

3. On Stage Laughter

My favorite moment of all is when the two members of the band, usually the bassist and the guitarist, look at each other and just start laughing hysterically.

What the heck is up with that? Care to fill us in on your little inside joke, fellas?

Makes me wonder what’s going on in their in-ear monitors. Are they listening to a mix of their instruments and vocals or Mitch Hedberg’s Strategic Grill Locations?

Or maybe they decided before the show that when they hit the chorus of the second song, they would look at each other and start laughing like they were being tickled by their instruments?

Whatever it is, it’s ridiculous.

Got anything I missed that cracks you up about the concerts you go to?

Or on the flip side, anything that really ticks you off?

We’d love to hear about it, so share it in the comments.

PS…I interviewed Derek Webb on the FreshPod last year about FEEDBACK, in case you missed it.