Introducing the All New BlogRocket!

I’ve discovered 3 things over the past 2 months…

1. Creating a new idea model and relaunching an entire website takes a lot out of you.

2. I like the Rye Triscuits slightly better than the Roasted Garlic flavor.

3. There are few things I enjoy more than helping other bloggers succeed.

With that being said, I couldn’t be more excited to announce to you that the all new BlogRocket is now online!

Before you click over to check it out, a few things…

1. You BETTER go check it out or I will find you and fight you.

2. The site has moved from to!!!

3. Joining the mailing list gets you a free copy of The 29 eBook AND a chance at a $109 Amazon Gift Card.

4. The site is live now, but the community and the Booster Course will launch on May 10th.

So please go check out the All-New, join the mailing list, and then browse around the site for a minute.

I’d also really appreciate it if you’d pass the link on to your friends today??? Here’s a bitly short link you can use in Twitter/Facebook to tell people they should check out BlogRocket & join the mailing list for some free stuff:

(If you get a chance to do that for me, thanks so much.)

I’m so excited for y’all to check it out, and even more excited to start helping more and more bloggers take their blogs to the next level this year, AND to grow an amazing community once we launch in May.

What are you waiting for, click that shiny MacBook Pro image and go check it out!

PS…This is a completely new BlogRocket Mailing List. So if you’ve signed up with me in the past, you should sign up again to join the new list (and to be eligible to win the gift card).