Shop Till You Almost Drop

As has become one of our favorite traditions, Erica and I are enjoying 2 nights away from the kids over President’s Day again this year.

And as has become one of my not-so-favorite traditions, we spent President’s Day going in and out of stores looking for clothes to exchange our dead presidents for.

Around 10:45am yesterday morning I tweeted this:

Here were the tweets that followed (FYI…clicking the yfrog links will show you pictures):

10:55am – Store #1 – banana republic outlet. The tees are on sale, but are they “lazy crew necks” or vees? paging Jon Acuff.

11:05am – Erica has so many things to try on she can’t hold her arms up. unlike Aaron helping Moses, I’m not assisting. #longdayahead

11:20am – Erica snapped the plastic hanger on this green thing and didn’t tell anyone.

11:35am – Store #2 American Eagle. Foldable sunglasses – $9.50. I would still find a way to break these. #ridiculous

11:45am – Boxers with 3D glasses included. Insert crass/awful joke here. #moreridiculous

Noon – Store #3 Famous Footwear. But let’s be honest, there nothing famous about Dr. Scholl’s brand mandals.

12:15pm – Store #4 J. Crew – upside down tag. I want to buy it and submit it to Beckett’s Errors & Varieties column. #baseballcards

12:25pm – Apparently J Crew is offering a “Let your kids act up in the store and receive 20% off” sale today.

12:40pm – Store #5 Express – is it me or do these polo buttons go a little bit too low?

12:55pm – Store #6 Children’s Place – because hey, it’s not all about us. Also, I’m losing steam.

1:10pm – Store #7 Gap Outlet – in case u want to know how this sweatshirt will look on you after being decapitated

1:15pm – I’ve never hated anything more than I hate retail store music right now.

1:20pm – Just saw a 65-yr old guy wearing cargo pants trying on a hoodie in front of a mirror. Or maybe I’m hallucinating.

1:45pm – snack break!

2:00pm – Recharged and at Store #8 – Guess. V-necks and slim jeans abound. And the awful music persists.

2:30pm – Store #9 Puma – because Erica is in Nine West and I have to draw the line somewhere.

2:40pm – Store #10 Nine West – because I could only last so long at Puma. Running on fumes but I think the end is in sight.

2:50pm – Store #11 Anne Taylor Loft – apparently this is the new way to refer to a Fitting Room?

3:00pm – Perhaps the best thing I’ve seen during this entire shopping trip.

and then finally at 3:15pm, four and a half hours later, Erica tweeted this.

and it was over.

(and no, I’m not telling you how much I spent).

So let’s hear it. Shopping: Do you love it or hate it?

Scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is hate it and 10 is love it, what do you think about shopping?

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