The Struggle of the Blog

I’m fascinated by the blogging struggles some of my friends have admitted to recently.

+ Shawn Smucker, who has recently scaled back his posting frequency to keep up with his paid writing gigs, heard a “seasoned” journalist on the radio the other day dismiss blogging, saying, “If you are a writer, why would you do it for free?”.

+ Jason Boyett, who has published a handful of books over the last 10 years, wrote last week about walking away from the platform he’s worked so hard to develop.

+ Even Jon Acuff, who’s blog has reached levels of success most of us only dream of, admitted last week: “Sometimes I feel like I’m failing at blogging”.

I love the fact that these guys are being honest and open. Blogging is hard work that can beat you down if you let it, even for folks you and I would consider “successful bloggers”.

All the more reason why I love what I’m doing at BlogRocket, and why I’m excited for where it might be headed. (I’ll be introducing you to the bloggers in the program later in the week.)

If you’re a blogger, do you consider your blog a struggle some days? most days? Never? Always?

And blogger or not, what do you think of the “If you are a writer, why would you do it for free?” quote?