One Thing I Don't Need: A Sam Davidson Guest Post

I first met Sam Davidson a few years ago when I interviewed him for Prayers For Blowouts (a blog I used to run that has since moved on to blog heaven). He’s a writer, entrepreneur, and dreamer who believes that the world needs more passionate people. To help people find and live their passion, he has written 50 Things Your Life Doesn’t Need. He is the co-founder of Cool People Care and Proof Branding, and lives in Nashville with his wife and daughter. Today he’s guest posting to tell me about something my life doesn’t need.

One Thing Bryan Allain Doesn’t Need: Un-fun-ness

Unfunness isn’t a word, which is why there are hyphens in the title. Most English teachers would cringe at this, but the chances of an English teacher reading this blog are about one in infinity. (And that ratio usage would make most math teachers cringe. But math teachers aren’t reading this because most math teachers can’t read.)

If you’ve read Bryan’s blog for any length of time, you’ll notice one overarching theme (besides Amish people): fun. Whether he’s riffing on Starbucks, David v. Goliath, or cliches, he has a good time doing it. And hopefully you have a good time reading it.

That’s the point: good times.

I think it’s the same when it comes to our passion. I firmly believe that the world needs more passionate people. This is why I wrote 50 Things Your Life Doesn’t Need. It’s a field manual – a guide, of sorts – to help you get rid of what doesn’t matter so you can focus on what does. Likewise, the same is true in reverse: when you find what matters more than anything else, nearly everything else can go by the wayside (I have no idea where the wayside is, but lots of stuff needs to go there).

I also provide the reader with some reminders about passion, things to consider when you begin this search to find out what it is you were meant to do and who it is you were meant to become. Much like Bryan asked in this recent video post (and many of you weighed in on), your passion could become your career, but it doesn’t need to. It could be a fantastic hobby or a great weekend pursuit.

But, one thing is clear when it comes to finding and living your passion: it’s got be fun. Like a mission trip to Jamaica (yes, some churches do this), you should be excited about the journey and the work.

I don’t think you’ll be passionate about something you hate or doesn’t excite you. When living your passion, you may have to do things you’re not crazy about (Bryan has to spellcheck all of his posts), but those mere means to an end won’t stand in the way of doing what you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re on the search for your passion, begin with the things you enjoy doing. They may not need to become a job (very few people get paid to watch football), but you may clue in on something that could turn into a very meaningful journey.

Other things (actually in the book) that Bryan Allain doesn’t need:
#20: Boring hobbies
#23: Instruction manuals
#45: Lines

For more about Sam, check out Cool People Care and Proof Branding…and go order the book!