5 Winners, 2 Questions, 1 Photo

A little bit of a random post today to take care of some business.

5 Winners, 2 Questions, and 1 Photo.

Here we go…

5 Winners

By random selection, the winners of the autographed copy of Chad Gibbs’ “God and Football” are:

  • Daniel Klotz – Penn State Fan
  • Terry Smith – LSU Fan
  • Riggs – another Penn State Fan
  • Mitch S – ANOTHER Penn State Fan (I swear, I used Random.org for this)
  • Taryn Spencer – A Dallas Cowboys fan

If your name is on that list, email me your mailing address (bryanallain-at-gmail.com) and I’ll get it to Chad.

2 Questions

Would love to get your input on these. The first one is for bloggers, the second one is for everyone.

1. What is your biggest frustration as a blogger? (if you already answered this for me via email, don’t repeat your answer here).

2. Who would you like to hear me interview on The FreshPod? (a new guest or a repeat guest you really enjoyed)

1 Photo

Was behind this car in a drive-thru a few weeks ago.

I’ve seen some obnoxious bumper stickers in my day, but this one…well…tell me what you think.

Congrats to the winners!

And if you have a second to answer either of those questions, thanks in advance.