Drive Thrus and Loofahs

If you enjoy my ridiculous “Truth About” videos, then you’ll be happy to know there’s a new episode up at my buddy Tyler Stanton’s blog this morning. He asked me to guest post since he’s on vacation, so I whipped out The Truth About Loofahs, based on a real convo we had earlier this year. (Click here to open up the video in a new window.)

(If you’re here from Tyler’s blog or Ben’s blog – thanks Ben!, check out all of the absurd, award-winning “Truth About” videos here or check out my featured posts.)

And as a special treat to Tyler’s fans, here’s a 15-second clip of Tyler at an Arby’s Drive-Thru a few weeks ago pretending like his driver’s side window is busted and getting his food through the back seat window. I’m in the passenger seat trying not to laugh, Erica is working the camera.

Speaking of loofahs, where do you stand on this hot button issue dividing our country? Are you a loofah person? Washcloth? just soap and your hands?