A Little More About You (and blogs)

Seems like it’s been a while since we did this, so let’s throw it out there again for all the new (and old) readers.

You read their fantastic comments, you see their hott avatars, and you wonder…does that person have a blog?¬†Well…do you?

A Little More About You and Blogs

1. If you have a blog, give us the link & a 1-sentence description. (Get too wordy and most peeps will skip it.)

1a. If you don’t have a blog, make up the most ridiculous name for a blog you can think of and trick us into thinking it’s real with a one sentence description.

2. Other than your own blog and my blog, what’s another blog you think we should all be reading?

3. I probably do too many things on this blog, but if I started cutting out things, what would be the one feature you would hate to see go the most?

So this is your chance to tell us more about you…ready, set, go.

PS…scroll thru the comments, check out a couple of the blogs, and leave a comment for them to brighten their day. Pay the blog love forward.