Catalyst 2010 Recap, Part 1

I was away all last week at Catalyst, so no new episode of the FreshPod until next week.

And speaking of Catalyst, I once again had an amazing time. The music was fantastic, the speakers were challenging, the weather was gorgeous, the Stantons were gracious hosts to Erica and I, and the flights to and from Atlanta didn’t end in our plane breaking in half over an island with a smoke monster, which is always a win.

And that’s not even mentioning my favorite thing about Catalyst, which is the connections. Got to meet a few of you cool cats who read my blog, got to meet some people I’ve only ever read online, got to make a few new friends and see even more old friends.

I’ll have a full recap of my Catalyst experience tomorrow including pictures, videos, stories, haikus, anthems, harpoons, interpretive dances, holograms, warp zones, and other things that won’t really be in tomorrow’s post…but for now I want to leave you with 2 visuals.

First, a picture that sums up most of what I loved about the experience. This pic with Tripp and Tyler was taken at 6:30am before the pre-show started on Day 1 of Catalyst. I love getting there early and seeing some of the behind the scenes stuff to what goes in to making the conference so amazing.

And more than that, I have so much fun hanging with these chaps. I never thought I’d ever consider moving to Atlanta – and chances are I never will – but the thought of hanging out and working with these two morons on a consistent basis is enough to get the gears turning.

Yes, Tyler is hiding plaid under that jacket

Second, this video, which explains why the two of them walked around with bowl cuts during the entire conference. It’s probably the best video they’ve ever done, which is saying something.

And the fact that Chris Tomlin had fun playing along only adds to the awesome. Enjoy.