Box of Goodness Winner and a Question

Got a question for y’all to chime in on in the comments…

But first I want to say thanks to everyone who gave to our Charity: water 30/30/30 Campaign. We raised $11,869 which will provide 20 years of clean water to 593 Bayaka people in the Central African Republic. Awesome.

12 of you gave on my birthday and put “Happy Birthday Bryan!” in the comment field to become eligible for the Random Box of Goodness. Erica and I drew the winner out of a hat (bowl) the other night, and took a video of it so we could be eligible for an Academy Award.

And the winner is…

If you didn’t watch the video, I threw a question in there for you guys to answer at the end:

What’s the best thing you’ve ever won in a contest? (could be a raffle, door prize…whatever)

Go ahead, make us jealous in the comments.