10 Random Wednesday Notes

In which I share interesting things with you to make the world a better place.

1. Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday. I got almost 100 birthday greetings on my Facebook wall and I responded to them all! Yes all of them. Because THAT is how I roll.

2. Speaking of Facebook, that previous link is to my Facebook profile, but this link is to my Facebook fan page. Go like it or something.

3. Speaking of like, my favorite podcasts to listen to lately have been The B.S. Report, Sklarboro Country, and North Point ministries.

4. Speaking of podcasts, got a new episode coming on Monday with a first time author you might not know. Excited to introduce him to you on The FreshPod. (And by the way, over 1300 people downloaded FreshPod episodes during the month of September…thanks so much for listening…and if you missed any, click here.)

5. Speaking of The FreshPod, not sure if I’ll have a new episode up on October 11 or if I’ll skip that week. Going to be out of town for much of next week and not able to work on stuff.

6. Speaking of being out of town, I’ll be at Catalyst in Atlanta next week. So excited to take Erica with me this time, so excited to hang out with Tyler and Amy again, so excited to see Jon and some other friends I met last year, and so excited to make some new friends as well. EXCITED!

7. Speaking of conferences, there’s still time to sign up for the Fireside Writer’s Conference in Gap, PA on October 22/23. I’ll be speaking on growing your blog, and I promise to dispense so many nuggets of wisdom, you will leave hungry for chicken mcnuggets. That didn’t make any sense, but we’re moving on.

8. Speaking of writing, I’ve been told my COLLIDE Mag article will be available online by the end of October. I’ll let you know when it’s up so you can partake of it’s goodness.

9. Speaking of goodness, thanks to all of you who gave to our Charity: water campaign yesterday and becameĀ eligibleĀ for the random box of goodness. Looks like 12 of you are eligible to win the prize. I’ll have a drawing next week to announce the winner. (And you can still give today if the spirit moves you).

10. Speaking of being moved, there’s a cool thing going on right now with the Blue Like Jazz movie. Many of you were moved by the book Don Miller wrote years ago, and over the past few years a team of folks have been working towards making the book into a movie. The screenplay is finished, the cast is assembled, BUT the money isn’t there.

Don announced a couple weeks ago that the project had stalled, but a couple motivated dudes decided to start a project to crowdsource the movie. They are using Kickstarter.com to try and raise the needed $125,000 by the end of October. The cool thing about Kickstarter is that money only changes hands if the project is FULLY funded. So if you pledge $25 to the project today and they don’t raise enough money by October 25th, you never get charged.

If you want to give to the project or read more about it, here’s your link: SaveBlueLikeJazz.com

Back with some funny tomorrow