More Living With the Amish

Ahhh. Smell those freshly manured fields? It can only mean one thing.

Time for another installment of Living with the Amish.

As always, these are actual photos from my actual phone.

Here we go…

Actually, before we get to the Amish we need to talk about these ladies.

Why the umbrellas?

This is not the sweltering 95 degree heat of mid-July. It’s September and it’s 75 degrees.

And you’re on a 20-minute stroll around the corporate center over lunch.


Amish conversion van.


Amish convertible conversion van.

The family that prays together, stays together.

And the family that walks along the side of the road together,

makes an unwanted appearance in Bryan’s blog together.

You don’t see this model of buggy very often.

It’s got a front seat for adults, a back seat for kids,

and a trunk for a pile of snuggies.

I was in line for a pretzel behind two amish girls when I happened to notice their footwear.

The first surprise was that they were actually wearing footwear.

The second surprise was that they were wearing Vans and Crocs (with socks?).

Don’t ever let anyone tell you Amish clothing is all black and boring.

Just look at how many hott spins one can put on the color blue.

(yes Lucky Magazine, you may use this picture in next month’s issue if you like)

I mean seriously,

how am I supposed to drive with this nonsense happening?

And finally, let this one wash over you for a bit.

He’s walking the horse AND the scooter.

This calls for some help from y’all. Someone want to take a stab at the back story here?

Best comment explaining what’s going on here wins a signed Amish print of their choice.

you may now return to your non-Amish existence.

(unless you want to see the previous 15 Amish installments, which you can find here).