10 Games I Hated as a Kid, Pt. 1

I’m on vacation, so you’ll be getting some quick hitters all week.

One of the things I love about adulthood is the ability to say “no” to situations I want to avoid.

This might be something you’ve done your whole life, but it’s a relatively new development for me. Feels like half my childhood was spent doing things I didn’t want to be doing. (Which may or may not have something to do with the fact that I was a nerdbomb of a kid).

In fact, I’ve made a list of 10 games I hated as a kid…here’s the first 5.

10 Games I Hated as a Kid, Pt. 1

Dodgeball – I was always great at catching things as a kid. Loved that part of this game. But right when you were about to make a great catch, BOOM! Hard rubber ball upside your head. And of course, while you’re running off the court you’d always get hit with 3 more just for good measure, including one in the crotchal region.

That’s why I never minded when someone caught my throw. A free pass to sit on the bench with none of the pain? Sign me up.

Tug of War – Hey everyone! Who wants to take part in an unfairly matched game in which the losing team will end up in a mud pit, the winning team will end up on their backs, and everyone will wind up with rope burns?

You remember that kid who bailed on the rope at the first sign of defeat? That was me.

Arm Wrestling – I could give you 100 years and you couldn’t come up with a more joint-destroying way to determine which one of us is stronger. How about this? Let’s just say you’re stronger. You win now, and we both win 25 years from now when we’re still able to lift a fork to feed ourselves.

Hide and Seek – My long-time readers will remember that this was one of the 10 reasons my Man Card should be revoked. Like I said then,

when does hiding and seeking happen in real life? When cops are chasing bad guys. When bad guys are chasing other bad guys. When a child is about to be disciplined and disappears. You get the idea. The whole concept of hiding is that you don’t want to be found, but eventually you will be found when you play this game. Sounds terrible to me.

Bloody Knuckles – Ummm, no. You lost me at “bloody”.

That’s the first 5, and here’s 2 questions.

1 – Did you like any of these games?

2 – Any guesses as to what’s on the rest of the list tomorrow?

Here’s Part 2.