My 2010 Blog All-Stars

As I was cleaning up my Google Reader subscriptions yesterday I realized how many blogs I used to read have fallen by the wayside.

Some have stopped being good, others have just stopped.

It made me want to celebrate the blogs that I love the most, so here they are. (and since it’s the all-star break in the Major Leagues, let’s make these folks grab their gloves and play the field.)

The 2010 Blog All-Stars

Here’s the lineup card:

P – Jon Acuff ( [what i love] – Jon is consistent. I know I’m getting a funny post from Jon 4 days a week, a serious post on wednesday, and something community-related on saturday. I know I’m getting his authentic voice because he has done such a good job developing it. To me, Jon is the definition of a great blogger.

C – Tyler Stanton ( [what i love] – Tyler is one of the funniest people I know. When he writes something funny on his blog, it’s not just trying to be funny, it actually is funny. It also helps that he knows the power of self-deprecation. He knows about self-defecation too, but we won’t get into that here.

1B – Ben Arment ( [what i love] – I love reading Ben’s blog because of the things Ben has done in his life. He’s written a book, started a conference, planted a church, and left good jobs more than once to pursue his dreams. That kind of resume earns cred with me, and it’s the reason I find his blog so inspiring. Though he might not write as much as he used to, and despite his veiled threats about leaving blogging for tumblr, it’s still one of my go-to sites.

2B – Darren Rowse ( [what i love] – Darren blogs for a living and is open and transparent about the things he has done to put himself in that position. Through guest posts and his own writing, he provides consistent inspiration for bloggers like myself who want to get the most out of all the time and effort that goes in to maintaining a healthy blog. Likable, humble, and a great teacher, Darren is the real deal.

3B – Brad Lomenick ( [what i love] – Brad’s blog is a great source of all kinds of leadership materials. There’s interviews with people of influence, links to other interesting sites and causes on the web, and great insights on leadership from Brad himself. As the director of the Catalyst Conferences Brad is rubbing shoulders with movers and shakers all the time, so when he shares things he’s learning, I’m all ears.

SS – Don Miller ( [what i love] – Just a few years ago Don was downplaying blogging, saying that he preferred to spend time on things that had more lasting value (or something along those lines). These days he’s a blogging machine, churning out solid posts almost every day and showing us that his talent isn’t just limited to writing New York Times Bestsellers. Honest, intelligent, and occasionally hilarious, Don’s blog has plenty of lasting value after all.

LF – Chip MacGregor ( [what i love] – Chip is one of the most successful literary agents in the business, so his blog has become an invaluable source on the writing industry for me. Beyond that, Chip is a great writer and funny guy himself. Can’t recommend his site enough for aspiring writers.

CF – Carlos Whittaker ( [what i love] – I love Carlos’ blog because it’s all over the place. Yesterday he got creative and showed off his mad photography/video skills. Today he’s generating fantastic discussion among his loyal readers with a simple question. Tomorrow he’ll get more open and honest about a difficult topic than most bloggers would ever dare. And despite the content jumping around from day to day, the authentic voice stays the same.

RF – Rachelle Gardner ( [what i love] – I love Rachelle’s blog for the same reason I love Chip’s blog. Even though I’m not in the “chasing down a book deal” game right now, it’s fascinating to see things from an agent’s perspective. Highly recommended.

In the Bullpen and on the Bench

Jason Boyett – smart, funny, and honest about matters of faith.

Tripp Crosby – he only blogs on the 5th Sunday of every month, but man, those are doozies.

Anne Jackson – She’s popular among my blog circles for a reason. Honesty, honesty, honesty, and a little bit of humor doesn’t hurt either.

Deadspin – The best place for sports news, especially the stuff that Sportscenter won’t report. Often crass, but usually on top of the story.

Mike Foster (People of the Second Chance) – Shining grace in the places where it’s needed most.

Nikki Finke – She’s a Hollywood insider that seems to know things before anyone else.

Matthew Paul Turner – 4 out of every 5 redonkulous videos I send to friends come from his site.

Shawn Smucker – an accomplished ghost writer, a good friend and a better storyteller.

Michael Hyatt – The CEO of Thomas Nelson and a great writer himself, Michael is a fountain of leadership and productivity wisdom.

So yeah, those are my favorite blogs right now.

If you didn’t make the list, don’t take your bat and go home.

In fact, feel free to add a blog in the comments that you think should be on there (even if it’s yours).