The ScamWOW!

Most of the videos you see here are 100% me. I write em, I record em, I edit em, and I embarrass myself in them. It’s all me, for better or worse.

Last month I was asked by our church’s drama team to play an obnoxious New Englander in a video…how could I say no to that? This one wasn’t written, recorded, or edited by me. All I did was act in it (and look over at my cue cards WAY too much…clearly I was the weak link in the process).

Despite my mediocre performance, I heard it was a hit in church on Sunday (I was getting a flat tire riding back from Massachusetts, so I wasn’t there to see it).

And now through the magic of Al Gore’s daydream tubes, I bring it to you.

So that’s the ScamWOW!

You know you want one.

(Props to Paul, Jeannette, Ben, and Chad for the finished product.)