Catalyst 2010 Early Bird Ends Today

Early Bird Rates for the 2010 Catalyst Conference in Atlanta end today.

Time for a Q&A with myself.

Are you asking me to make a decision about going to Catalyst in the next 12 hours?

Yes I am. Is that okay? Probably not.

Who will be there?

I will be there. As well as 12,999 other people who aren’t me. But this isn’t their blog is it? No, it’s not. So the answer is me. And my wife Erica.

I meant “Who’s speaking there?” you moron.

Andy Stanley, Seth Godin, TD Jakes, Craig Groeschel, Francis Chan, Beth Moore, Perry Noble, and Christine Caine, along with several innovative thinkers and practitioners like best-selling author Daniel Pink, charity: water founder Scott Harrison, Gabe Lyons, First Response Team founder Tad Agoglia, and Rani Hong, winner of the United Nations Human Rights Award.

And stop calling me names.

What, no Jon Acuff?

No, he’ll be there doing a lab on Wednesday. So will Michael Hyatt, Pete Wilson, Mark Batterson, Anne Jackson, John Ortberg, Mike Foster, Jud Wilhite, Reggie Joiner, Jamie Tworkowski, Alan Hirsch, Gayle Haggard, Chris Hodges, Tim Elmore, Charles Lee, Chris Seay, Chris and Phileena Heuertz, and others.

Like, a Science Lab?

Yeah, he’ll be mixing cobalt chloride with sodium acetate to see if he can dissolve a G.I. Joe leg like me and my brother Josh used to do growing up with our chemistry sets.

No, the labs are mini-panel discussion things. Why am I explaining this, you know what they are.

Do they have a promo video?

Didn’t you write a Top Ten Reasons to go to Catalyst Blog piece?

I did. I wrote it for Brad Lomenick, the director of Catalyst, and it went onto the Catalyst Blog. You can read it here.

Didn’t you also write about your experiences at Catalyst 2009?

Yeah, that was here on my blog.

Do you really think I should go or are you doing this because Catalyst asked you to do it?

Both. I am doing it because they asked me to let you know the early bird rate is going away. But mostly I think it’s an amazing conference that you should consider going to. It’s investment in yourself as a leader, and the rewards are knowledge, networking, and amazing experiences.

Are we done now?

Yup. Click here to sign up at and treat yourself to a big helping of leadership love this Fall.

Catalyst 2010 – Atlanta, GA – October 6-8 – The Tension is Good