Books I Didn't Write #007

Books I Didn’t Write is a recurring gag here at the blog. I take a random picture, come up with a title, and then write up a fake review.

Yes, it is as dumb as it sounds.

Is She Pregnant…Or is that a Beer Belly?

by Bryan Allain

Publisher: Gestation Fermentation Press

Order Status: Due in 9 Months

For Fans of: Budweiser, diapers, Miller Lite, infants, Coors, swaddling, Heineken, breastfeeding, Guinness, teething rings, Michelob, sonograms, Yuengling, epidurals, Molson, and twins.

Summary:What’s in that girl’s belly? Is it an 8-month old fetus or a whole lot of Amstel Light? In this visually stunning masterpiece, author/photographer Bryan Allain provides 125 pictures of round female guts for which you must answer the question: Is she pregnant…or is that a beer belly? (answer key provided in the back of the book.)

What People Are Saying:

“It’s Where’s Waldo minus the head-splitting migraine!”

“The Party Book of the Decade.”

“Kinda gross, actually.”

“As a fan of NASCAR, I’ve got to be honest about Pregnant or Beer Belly…it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Awards: Best Use of Navels – Midriff Magazine’s 2006 Media Awards

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